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1824 Gold Sovereign George IV AU58


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The 1824 gold full sovereign features the large laureate head of King George IV with the classic St George and the Dragon design being shown on the reverse. Each of these engravings are as envisioned by Benedetto Pistrucci.

The 1824 gold sovereign was the fourth sovereign to be issued during the reign of King George IV. Sovereigns were issued for George IV in each of the ten years from 1821 to 1830. From 1821 until 1825 a large laureate portrait combines with St. George and the dragon on the reverse.

The 1824 Gold Sovereign is an example of the Gold Sovereign and is one of the most ubiquitous of all coins and much sought after by both coin collectors and bullion investors.

This example is graded from PCGS as AU58.

Mintage: 3,767,904